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Cupid's Arrow Definitely Missed On These Bathroom Designs

Tonio Bianca

Tonio Bianca is a real estate developer, photography/videography enthusiast, and Partner at the Munkberg Bianca Group - a Baldwin Park, Orlando reside...

Tonio Bianca is a real estate developer, photography/videography enthusiast, and Partner at the Munkberg Bianca Group - a Baldwin Park, Orlando reside...

Apr 9 3 minutes read

Love is always in the air this time of year and who doesn't love a beautiful bathroom? From gorgeous soaking tubs to stunning vanities, these are the places we go to get away from the world and relax. It goes without saying many of us also enjoy to gaze at bathroom design fails. If this is you, you are in luck. There is actually an Instagram account just for that.

Interior designer Dina Holland began her wildly popular Instagram account, "PeopleHateTheseThings," by posting the worst home decor fails she came across in her work. She struck a chord with the home design fail fans and soon assembled soon 127,000 followers, who eventually started sending her bad home-designs they encountered. 

Interested in the worst of the worst? We got you. Below we compiled the top bathroom design fails that cupid's arrow definitely missed. 🏹

Nothing quite like mixing Baths & Stairs

Slipping and falling in the tub is pretty common, but imagine falling down a flight of stairs getting out of the tub. Not your normal risk associated with bathing. Turns out someone thought it would be pretty convenient to walk up the stairs and hop right into the tub (literally).

Antiques Don't Need To Be Everywhere

Nothing requires this much studying. An old schoolhouse desk in the middle of the bathroom? Something weird is definitely going on here. (We won't even mention the oddly placed pedestal sink.) 

Toilets Near Windows (That's A No-No)

This must be a new form of curb appeal. If you can't stop looking don't feel bad, that's exactly what must happen to people who pass by this bathroom in real life. Trust me if you're thinking "it can't get worse" trust me just keep scrolling.

See-Through Toilets? Umm No

This might be taking the whole modern design idea a little too far. A see-through toilet is taking the aesthetic to a place bathrooms should never go. Told you these bathroom design fails wouldn't disappoint.

Mad For Mosaic?

It's pretty amazing so many tiny tiles can add up to an epic fail. I guess if you are going to go tile-crazy, why stop when you hit porcelain? Sometimes you can go a little too far when it comes to creating a work of art.

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